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Kemmerer Library Harding Township is a community based association library in New Jersey.  Our small staff and many cheerful volunteers make the library a welcoming public space for the township's residents.  Our services to the public include a wide variety of in-print and electronic reading materials, cozy reading areas, meeting rooms, and programming for children and adults.  The Library opened in 2010, funded entirely with private donations.

Board of Trustees

Stephen J. Balog, Chairman

Diane Berger

Elaine Grillo

Jerry Hanlon

Jim Harrison

Karen Kemmerer

Wade Kirby

Elaine McHale

Tina McKittrick

Ginny Moriarty

Lisa Naturman

John Thomas


Lotte Newlin, Director

Kate Burns, Business Manager

Jennifer Carlin, Children's Librarian

Carolyn Antonaccio

Joanne Butler

Elyse Makowsky

Vicki Philhower











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